Monday, February 23, 2009


Once in the not so far ago, there was a piece of land co-opted from original owners. With turkey quills and pestled plants, the upstarts wrote words to spell the country and tide it over the trauma created by inhouse wars and outhouse battles.

The piece of land imported shiploads of folks to help them do their chores. It's not easy to work a country into the ground.

The country filled up and overflowed. In time it got fat with glut and thin with moral. The right and left kept seeing through fractured glass.

The pols got viral nasties, threw up lies and carried on with carnal and fraudulent peccadildoes.

There came a new leader from ballots and not from the black robes with blindfolds. The right kept flinging wrongs until nasty infected feverish skins.

Divided they fall, it is said. Lo, they did. They split the country into two ~ unlike the three recommended for the country they attacked in a case of wrongheaded stupids.

And so, that's the way it was when the people couldn't get along in the street or in their tents, indeed even in a biggish country. Instead of working together, they let the baby slip out with the bathwater and the once mighty country drained its coffers into two weeny ones.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spit it Out, John...

My sense of humor has been sorely stretched by the moronity of the last eight years.

Will the McCain (who repeatedly vowed that he knew the location of Osama bin Laden and could bring him to justice when he became president) make that information available even though he lost the election?

After all, how can he continue to say that he's committed his life for this country and keep a secret like that for himself?

Bah humbug.