Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Titanium Hips and Auto Repair

My previous auto mechanic worked for several months off and on and replaced some pricey parts only to find the problem was still active. Eventually when I was down to my last credit card, he shook his head and said, 'I hate to give up, but I have no idea where to go now.' I mentally patted myself on the back when I refrained from giving him an idea.

Next, I said to a new mechanic, 'It must be hard working on cars with all this new technology.' He replied, 'This car is far too old to have new technology.'
That repair, actually two or so, consumed my last card.

Then, the car radio antenna remained up when it should go down/off and a smart grandson disconnected it before it burned down both car and garage. Maybe I should have just let it blow. However...

What I'm looking for now is a radio person. A radio person with a penchant for dealing with old technology because I know now that I'm not as current as I thought half a dozen plastic cards back.

And, I wonder if I could end up with an old car overflowing with new technology. Is that like replacing old hip joints with titanium? Or is it simply a prayer that both my car and my teeth will outlast my breath and that there will always be one more plastic card?

Hats off to repair people everywhere!