Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Case of Disappearing Beer

Long ago, an avuncular figure adopted a stolen country. Sam claimed to care for allbodies' interests in return for full allegiance. Time lapsed and Sam largened with hot air while the regular joes were sucked too small.

Lo, avuncular Sam gained confusion and unsureness and fell into the trap of protecting themselves against themselves like a Robin Hood gone wild. In due time, the uncle epiphanied and morphed to UncleNanny who sought to save the world from itself.

So, in case a joe smoked and a fire occurred in that silly joe's area it looked to UncleNanny that the smoking stick caused the problem. Not the joe, but the smoking stick itself. (see Self Extinguishing Smoking Sticks)

In time, joes who beered were opposed by those who didn't as the great divider took hold in the let's-see-if-this-works land. It came to pass that UncleNanny declared beer would heretofore drink itself.

Then UncleNanny got to trafficking in roads. If a joe ran off a road UncleNanny decreed that the road be up-sized to stop that joe from running off at the mouth of a curve. Moron that later.

And so it was that UncleNanny slew the world by case and conundrum.