Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Played by Words

War on Terror is calculated to inspire fear and trust in our failing government. It's a drummed up hoofbeat to keep the minions under their beds.

Homeland Security sounds like a proper government function until you delve below the hype and see that it, too, is a worthless and calculated phrase. Nice job, bunkie.

We have no intention of staying in Iraq is sharply defied by building an expensive and self-sustaining George's Palace, as the disgruntled Iraqi's named it, as well as several other bases inside that unfortunate country.

They will destroy our peace and prosperity says the dubya in reference to the other party. This is an affront to thinking people everywhere. Peace? What about the war? Prosperity? The number of citizens who live below the poverty level has been steadily increasing since 2000 and is reaching Homeless security.

We've been keeping you safe is an oft-heard phrase issued from that house of white but the truth is that safe has been an accident and not the act of that house.

Cut and run are words intended to indicate turning tail and losing. This phrase is hauntingly familiar and bears close relationship to stay the course. Both phrases rest on the inability to say 'we did it wrong and we're gonna lasso this ghost to the ground, even if it kills us.' Shades of Carroll.

Family values is a phrase that indicates good stuff but turns out to be the line with which a few crooks tie the silent majority to the dirty wheel.

It takes little time to look up these phrases and find out what's being done in our name.