Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Under the Shrub

2000 Mythsteries & Other Pithy Shorts #46

Once upon a near passe time the wanna-be king couldn't reckon the simplest tasks. He hugged and held hands with distant robes while he tugged the rug from locals.

When the country came full of illicits, he lawed to licit them in order to have little wages paid by big pocket sponsors.

His singing shifted from the sandland bombing to keep on keepin on the illicits so plum picking didn't earn overmuch.

His reluctant subjects fussed when he said the aliens were doing sweat the voters wouldn't do.

Lo! The mostly indigenous dust, mop, mow, prune, pick, grow, roof, frame and do all their own toil right up til they drop off even as the lily-right-handeds hire the illicits to chore for them while they skim from the treetops and every otherbody.

Behold! It came to pass the silly country did fight 'em here instead of there.

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