Thursday, March 08, 2007



Several things threaten my peace of mind. Admittedly, it wasn't all that peaceful anyhow. The last six-plus years have been detrimental to my whole being. I feel democracy slipping away due to bad governance, multitudinous uninformed citizens and a single wing news system.

It's hard to imagine double-bolting the front door and feeling safe while the back door and windows are wide open.

It's difficult to imagine building a palace on someone else's property.

It's hard to imagine leaving one's own family destitute by giving contents of the vault to felons, corrupt officials and the professed enemy.

It's hard to imagine joining three sovereign nations together without asking for discussion and a vote.

It's hard to imagine building a gigantic highway through the middle of a country for the unchallenged use of illegal alien drivers.

It's hard to believe that the gummint can use the eminent domain theory to claim individuals' homes for developers.

And it's doubly hard to believe that before doing any of the above, a right mind would enrage the entire world, invade a foreign country, and arouse the ire of at least seventy percent of his bosses while accruing a multitude of enemies ~ enough to last for many generations.

It's probable that this country is being Harken'd.
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