Monday, May 14, 2007

Earthquakes Swarm

Yellowstone Park changes constantly. The earthquake that formed Hebgen Lake was felt in the Coeur d'Alene area on August 17, 1959. Several family friends lost their lives there. One of the survivors wrote an incredible book detailing the horrors of that night.

Massive land shifts occurred and I've often wondered why that was the last one that rumbled through here. The first time I crossed the Park after that 1959 earthquake, it seemed the earth tilted like a supered highway and gave me the feeling of passing through a giant vortex. Bubbling pots of mud and spitting hills of steam reveal how much lies hidden beneath the surface.

Photos and more information available here

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Q said...

I did not know this!
I like Yellowstone.
The most incredible full moon rise I ever saw was over Lake Yellowstone. I was standing on the patio of the Hotel and listening to a classical piece being played indoors that drifted through an open window. The Moon rose and reflected in the water. Even now, seven years later, the memory of that moon rise brings tears to my eyes. It was beautiful.
Thank you for reminding me of Yellowstone National Park. May she be well.