Thursday, November 20, 2008

Return of Blackbeard

India shot up a pirate ship. Way to go, India!

I'm beginning to link pirates with Paulson & Pals Perk and Burning Bush Bull-etins.

Pre-emptive war pretty much spread its parachute over all things piratical. It's not enough to bankrupt a country by a faulty war, there must be added threats. Such as:

The economy's in the tank if taxpayers don't fork over $700,000,000,000 to the crooks who perpetrated the fraud. Okay, so taxpayers fell for this, the perps have the bucks and the economy's still in the tank.

Where's tough love for robbers? As in: Sorry. You can't have it. Your fortune has been recalled. Go away, leave me alone. I'll hire someone else. I owe you nothing, you did a cra*ppy job. If you insist on begging, you'll stand in the corner of your cell til the cows come home.

Fear comes wrapped inside threats. In olden days, messengers were unceremoniously disposed of. Now, piracy appears to be acceptable.

We've come a long way toward protecting the criminal and robbing the blind.



Marcia said...

Corruption has not gone away, and it seems too many with the power to make hurried changes are willing to reward negative behavior, rather than let lessons be learned... as though they are but spineless parents.

Gledwood said...

Yeah nice one India: at least someone's willing to take the decisive action those scumbags deserve...