Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Headlines, Again

We appear to be moving backward.

Heat wave kills...

People are giving humans a really bad name.

Politically Correct rewrites history and future all in one fell swoop. Future words will be limited to duh and f***. Who could possibly take offense at those?

Abandoned cats become savage and scalp inhabitants of trailer town.

Barking dogs lie when they should be asleep.

Walnuts are found to have peanuts envy.

Cold War heats up.

Salt treaty thrown over left shoulder at full moon.

Tax rebate borrows trillions to return six dollars to poor while doing away with Social Security.

Poor money habits put government out of business, middle class out of existence. The government seeks lucre in pockets of indigent and elderly.

Bottom drops out of bucket. Those who were astute enough to invest for their own retirement as suggested by the government and brokers now find social security and retirements borrowed out. Homes are being foreclosed at a record rate and gun sales increase.

Country wonders what to do with few remaining whites. They just won’t wash with colors.

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