Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Wages of War

2000 Mythsteries and Other Pithy Shorts #27

Once upon a time when the towers of Babel were knocked down by the hands of foes, the king (ruled by the dead dreams of his father who reigned a couple back) was blinded by the trees and couldn't see the forest for the shrubs.

He drew his sword to fight a losing battle with the tower downers in a far off country then rhetorized it to a quiet death to make room for his new plot which was sadly soiled. He claimed it as his own right to cast stones at another evil king even though it rocked the world of otherbodies. In this self-wrought foolish plot, the silly king decreed that only he could amass bigsize weapons of killer proportions and others would be ended if they attempted to hold those same rights.

Forsooth! He sat upon a vipers' nest of his own hatching. The land he ruled was once the richest in the world but he pimped it off, piece by piece, to the hands of villains in an effort to buy popularity and up his backers.

Wait, the dwellers cried, this is not right.

And it came to pass, things moved too slowly for the pachydermal king who took a fast track and claimed all rights as his own. Lucre matters were in such short shrift, he surmised this war would be good for his coffers, his polls and his pols. He was upon a role and huddled in his castle while he sent the littles to fight.

Lo! By this time Pandora's lid slammed and pinched off the wings of the wise while evil thrived underfoot and overhead.

Thus it ever is, the ways of men lack forethought and in this rage the wages of war produce destruction of the masses.

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