Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Elephant Repellent

I was very young and asked my dad what he was spreading on the grass.

He said, 'Elephant repellent.'

'Hey, Dad, there aren't any elephants here.'

'It's working, ' he responded.

Yesterday when I heard the spin on Faux News as I shuffled past to see what weirdness they were spouting, a big-toothed blonde said, 'If Dems are elected, we'll be attacked.'

Who was on the throne when the USA was attacked last time?

What's working? With open borders, angst fusterclucked loose in the world and growing hatred of people who invade and build a 582 million buck embassy in the middle of an ancient city...

I hope elephant repellent begins to work.

Tusks of Spin, Fractal