Friday, October 13, 2006

A Fence or a Farce

Before building a fence, look at the laws. Trim out the excess, insert teeth and use them.

It's a fuzzy thought that illegal aliens are hard-working wonderful people coming here to help US citizens avoid doing work and to make a better life for themselves when, in truth, many of them come with drugs, sexual offense and criminal records, an embryo for citizenship or a desire to do damage. It is not all what it seems.

I liken the upcoming fence to the bars on residential windows and gated communities. Will it keep criminals out or in?

Writing a bazillion laws is unmitigated growth. Please stop. Think before writing laws that confuse black and white issues and create lifetime careers for criminals, lawyers and politicians while annihilating freedoms for regular joes who foot the bill for this frentic lunacy.

It's time to look at current laws, edit them to a workable solution and stop penning more pap until this issue is handled.

Digital Photo by Sue

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stebbijo said...

Yep. The cold fact is it's not about jobs that Americans won't do - it's about employers who don't want to pay and believe in group living quarters - like 5 people in a one bedroom 500 sq. foot box on food stamps.

...don't get me started.