Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh, say, I see...

Today is the first of the remaining days of the War With Many Names.

Each day, while looking at the photographs of the children killed, I apologize for the cowboy-in-chief and his posse who are more concerned with their coffers and corruption than the outcome of this grossly mismanaged invasion of a soverign nation.

I apologize to those dead children for a lazy nation fully distracted by steroid abuse, celebrity malfunctions, dog fights, saving wolves and stone throwing.

Each day I watch the legislators in action to see their actual words and at night I watch the news distort what was said.

I watch as the same cowboy and posse aim for Iran, while our borders remain open and our nation fills with cells and hatred.

I've watched the growth of the second recession since the current reign began.

I hope there's time to save what remains of our United States.


paisley said...

very well stated.. i do not watch the news i do not involve myself in politics in any way,, but even that does not safe guard me from the ignorance with which our country is being driven into the ground..

Q said...

What in the world are people thinking?

Joyce said...

The love of money is the root of all evil. I wonder if that is the root cause of this war? I am much the same as Paisley in my attitude toward politics. There is so much wickedness in high places . . .
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