Monday, March 10, 2008

Softshoe Mission Accomplished

Once upon a not so long ago, a megalomaniac convinced himself he was king and did softshoe tappings (like the stall hoppin' gop from hidey-ho) on the stage to giggle up the news ferretlesses while waiting for a lateshow pretend-bloomer.

Lo, the ferretless later mused in cutesy fashion about how the tapper jived onstage as if he were the happiest king alive and still knew not that his robes had gone on without him.

One newly homeless shrew shouted, 'Harken, joes. He's a carrier of the double recession gene and monetile dysfunction. Always pulls out early. Today, he was jivin' up his fave tune of Mission Accomplished.'

And, behold, it came to pass that this crooked bumpkin spore did erect his own rapture by looting carts of early green while chucking the regular joes' assets down with the dow.

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