Sunday, December 17, 2006

Artful Grunge

Long ago, there was a clan who regaled themselves with fad starting. Huddled together in one small glade, they practiced clothing pranks until they stumbled upon the next trend for unsuspecting commoners.

These oddfellows changed their heads to backward so their helmet front flipper was in the rear like a sun protector and their necks became very whitened. And, not only that, but they halted knotting their very boot thongs. At the same time, they put gores, or add-ons, into their mails until the armor was very big and it cracked so low that it practically protected nothing at all.

Alas, it was only a matter of time until hundreds of other tribes for fear of falling out of peering favor reached right out and embraced this fad by turning, unknotting and upsizing their wearings, also. No one could see, which was all right because no one was observing much at that time.

The ladies in waiting for their next dress saw how clumsy the knights were because both their hands needed to remain unencumbered to act as surrogate suspenders. And because of their backward heads and flapping-tongued boots they fell for almost anybody.

Lo! Feminines retaliated and took huge seams in their already tiny clothings until it became like another skin except it didn’t have piercings. They were dressed, but they weren’t.

It came to pass that many were distressed to see the gawky baggy hind-sighted knights trying to find a damsel because at a time when the damsels were barely dressed the armored clans had their heads reversed and couldn’t see what was right befront of them and their necks had gone white, as well.

And that’s how it was when the grunge fad lunged from clan to tribe.

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