Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hunting Witches

Blogs are a good thing. Thinking is a good thing. Spouting opinions off the top of the head isn't such a good thing.

While reading some blogged opinions, I shudder. These are the same people who vote. Without consideration of facts, without looking at the foundations, they type ugliness and recount rabid theories. Talk show hosts stir up one mess after another.

Recent disclosure by the first Muslim congressman stirred up a worm nest until someone noted that the hand on any religious tome is not required during the swearing-in process.

Current polarization assumes guilt until proven innocent and I'm finding that scary. Everyone is prickly, righteous and moving too fast. We need a time out. To sit. Think. Look under the surface.

I'm far more afraid of witch hunters than I am of witches.

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