Sunday, December 31, 2006

California, New York, Iraq

I was so afraid this wouldn't happen.

California finally passed a law, effective January 2007, which makes it illegal to drive a car containing a body in the trunk. Apparently nine people have died from this trick.

It brings to mind Gov. Pataki who signed into law a requirement for cigarettes to be self-extinguishing.

I am grateful that we are finally getting a handle on the obscene activities that create a death here and there due to a total disregard for sense.

Is there hope that the huge US embassy (known as George's Palace), the only task on track in Halliburton's Iraq, might be disallowed and turned over to the Iraqi's for their use while we beat feet and quit freeing those people by death? And is there hope that the additional forty-five bases being constructed there will be discontinued? Or could they be converted to the surplus FEMA trailers from Katrina?

Is there any hope that common sense will replace the incredible in-your-eye legislation that has taken place since 2000?

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